The Me.Gi Srl tanning owned since 1991 and is located in the north-east of Italy, in the hearth of the tanning district of Arzignano (Vi). This the largest and technologically most advanced area in Europe, which is mainly specialized in cattle-leather processing. Throughout the years, our company specialized particularly in production lines for safety leather and in the suede sector especially shoes. The company also operates in the sector of work under contract, therefore, can make even some work for clients. This production line is related to the supply of cattle crust hide in "Wet Blue" or in "Crust", that we work until it reaches a semi-finished or finished level. Our production is made on cattle crust hide crust hide - butt centers, shoulders and undercrusts - that we select according to quality, thickness and size requirements. The same materials can also be supplied already shaved or shaved and trimmed, thus reducing transport and production costs.